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Engagement (The E in the PERMA wellbeing framework)

Research has shown that the more we use our strengths in work and play, the happier we will be. If you would like to know what your character strengths are, you can go to the website, register, and then you can do the VIA character strengths survey for free. Once completed, the results will show all 24 character strengths in order of relative strength, and then the challenge is then for you to authenticate your top 5 strengths and use these more and in different ways. We should lead with our strengths but also keep an eye on weaknesses. When looking at the boat below, your top strengths are the sails which propel the boat forward ; the hole in the boat is the weaknesses, which needs to be addressed at some stage, otherwise the boat will sink. If you need any help with this exercise, please contact me via email.

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